Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 24 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

Play аудио


1. Who did Paula spend last Tuesday with?
2. Did she spend the morning or afternoon with him?
3. How many hours a week did she work with him?
4. Did she help him with his studies?
5. What did she help him with?
6. Did Tom work with Disney or Warner Brothers?
7. What kind of contract did Tom have with Disney?
8. What did Paula think about Tom as an artist?
9. Did she like working with him7
10. Why did she like working with him?
11. How much did Tom pay her for her work?
12. Did he pay her in dollars or in marks?
13. Why did he pay her in dollars’’
14. What did Tom tell Paula during the drawing session?
15. Was this a surprise for Paula?
16. Did she know that he wanted her to go with him?
17 Did she want to go?
18. Did she like Tom?
19. What wasn’t she sure about concerning Tom?
20. What kind of person did she consider Tom?
21. What did she feel that she wasn’t ready to do?
22. What didn’t she understand about the invitation?
23. What was the relationship between Paula and Tom?
24. Who did Paula call that night?
25. Where did her parents live?
26. What situation did she tell them about?
27. What did her father tell her?
28. What did her mother tell her?
29. What did her mother say was dangerous?
30. What did Paula decide to do?

Last Tuesday, Paula Eisenbach spent the afternoon with Tom Sanders. She spent about 10 hours a week helping him with drawings tor the Disney Corporation. Tom was a student at the University’ of Heidelberg like Paula, but he also had a contract with Disney to draw cartoons for Disney animated movies. Tom was an excellent artist and Paula liked working with him because she learned a lot about drawing technique. Tom paid her $I5 an hour for her work. He paid her in dollars because the Disney Corporation paid him in dollars, too. During their drawing session, Tom told Paula that he wanted to take her to California to meet his parents. Paula knew that Tom wanted to take her to California, but she wasn’t sure that she wanted to go. She liked Tom as a person, but she wasn’t sure about her feelings for him. He was a wonderful person and a fantastic artist, but Paula felt she wasn’t ready to expand her relationship with him. She didn’t understand his reason for inviting her to California because they were only friends. That night, she called her parents in Munich and told them about the situation with Tom. Her father told her that she had to make the decision herself. Her mother told her that it wasn’t a good idea. She said that if Paula didn’t feel anything special for Tom now, then it was dangerous for her to go to California with him. Paula decided to think about it for a few days before giving Tom a final answer.