Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 54 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

Play аудио


1. Describe Ines’ psychological state?
2. How long ago did she return from Paris?
3. How often had she spoken to Francois since she got back?
4. Who usually called whom?
5. Why did Ines think it was a good thing he called her most of the time?
6. What did Francois surprise her with two weeks ago?
7. Who had Francois spoken to about Ines?
8. When had he spoken to him about her?
9. What is Pierre’s relationship to Francois?
10. What did Francois tell Pierre he was looking for?
11. Who did Pierre call the next day?
12. What did he ask the Chairman?
13. What was the Chairman’s first response?
14. What did Pierre go on to explain to him?
15. What kind of illness did he say his nephew had?
16. What side of the Chairman’s character came out when Pierre told him his nephew was lovesick?
17. What did he assure Pierre?
18. What was Ines’ reaction when Pierre conveyed this message to her?
19. What was she tired of doing in Seville?
20. Who was she dying to see?
21. What did Francois tell her to prepare?
22. Did he tell her to send the CV directly to him?
23. Who did he tell her to send the CV to?
24. What else did he tell her to write?
25. What did he tell her to say in the letter?
26. Who did Ines call the next morning?
27. What did Ines ask her?
28. How many days later did she send the letter and CV?
29. How soon did she get a reply?
30. Who was the reply from?
31. What kind of contract did he offer her ?
32. What would be her job in Peugeot?
33. When did he tell her she should be ready to work?
34. What did all this represent for Ines?
35. What did her father think about it?
36. What did her mother insist on?
37. What did Francois do when Ines told him about her mother’s wish?
38. What airline did he reserve a ticket with?
49. What route would he fly?
40. When would he be in Seville?

Ines Garcia bad never been so excited in her life. Ever since she had got back to Seville from Paris two months ago, she had talked to Francois Monet on the telephone almost every day. It’s a good thing he usually called her, because otherwise her father might have said something to her about the phone bill. Two weeks ago, Francois surprised her with some unbelievable news. A week earlier, he had mentioned to his uncle, Pierre Monet, that he was looking for a way to bring Ines to live in Paris. The next day, Pierre called him to say that he had asked the Chairman of Peugeot if they might need a lawyer expert in Spanish labor law. At first, the man had said no, but when Pierre explained the circumstances and told him that his nephew was love-sick, the benevolent side of the Chairman came out and he assured Pierre that Ines could come to work in Peugeot in the legal department. When Francois conveyed the message to Ines, she jumped for joy. She was tired of defending boring labor cases in Seville and was dying to be with Francois. He told her to prepare her CV and send it with a letter to the Chairman of Peugeot, thanking him for his fine gesture and saying something about herself. He gave her the address. The next morning, Ines called a friend of hers who had grown up in France and asked if she could help her write a letter and a CV in French. Two days later she sent them to Peugeot. Exactly seven days later, she received a nice letter from the head of Human Resources offering her an initial one-year contract to work as an assistant to the Chief Legal Counsel in Peugeot. He told her that she should be settled in Paris and ready to work within 30 days. For Ines, it was a dream come true. Her father thought it was wonderful. His mother insisted that she wanted to meet this Francois Monet fellow before letting her daughter go off to Paris. When Ines told him this, Francis immediately reserved a ticket on Iberia to fly Paris-Madrid-Seville for the following weekend.