Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 62 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

Play аудио


1. What does Luigi Barghini feel like?
2. Where has he decided to go next Sunday?
3. What is he going to do during Mass?
4. Why does he feel a little guilty?
5 What’s his only consolation in this regard?
6. What does he think his wife has talked to God about?
7. What kind of opinion does Luigi think God has of him?
8. How big is the business deal Luigi has just closed?
9. What has he seen Roberto succeed in?
10. What is his daughter finally going to do?
11. What did he warn his children about a few months ago?
12. Where do his Indian friends work?
13. How often does Luigi go to India?
14. What does he go there to do?
15. How many car seats docs he supply to India?
16. Where is the factory that buys the seats?
17. What does he hope he will have soon after Ana and Karl get manned?
18. Does Luigi admire Karl Polster?
19. Why does he admire him?
20. What has Karl helped Luigi’s company to win?
21. When will the company start to send car seats to Stuttgart?
22. How many car seats will they ship monthly?
23. What will this mean in terms of sales?
24. What will be the ranking of Luigi’s company in Europe by this time next year?
15. How old was Luigi when he started the company?
26. What’s his only regret?
27. Whose attention is Roberto gaining?
28. What does Luigi have no doubt about concerning Roberto?
29. Does this seem logical or surprising to Luigi?
30. Why does it seem logical to him?

Luigi Barghini feels like his life’s work is completed. He’s decided that next Sunday he’ll go to Mass and give thanks to God for making his dreams come true. He feels a little guilty though, because he hasn’t been to mass in probably 20 years, but his wife has gone every week and surely she’s talked to God a lot about Luigi and the family. God must like Luigi because he’s now closed the most important business deal in his life, he’s seen his son, Roberto, succeed in his first assignment with Andersen Consulting, and he thinks that finally his daughter, Ana, is going to get married. He warned his children a few months ago that if they didn’t give him a grandson or granddaughter in the next five years, he would adopt an Indian child through his friends in the Ministry of Industry in New Delhi. About once a year he visits India to renegotiate an annual contract for the supply of 30,000 car seats to a factory in Madras. He1s made good friends with several people in the ministry. But now he’s going to have a son-in-law, and hopefully grandchildren. Karl Polster did what Luigi thought no man could do: win the heart of his hard-working daughter Ana. And he’s also helped Luigi’s company win the most important supply contract in its history. Starting in nine months, Luigi’s company will supply 16,000 car seats every month to the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. It will mean a 32 percent increase in sales. In addition, by this time next year, the company will surely be number one in Europe in car seat manufacturing. Luigi remembers how he started the company when he was 27. Hers come a long way since then. His only regret now is that his son Roberto is not part of the success, but Roberto’s already gaining the attention of the top managers at Andersen Consulting. Luigi has no doubt that his son will soon make his name in the world of engineering or consultancy in Italy. It’s logical. He has Barghini blood in his veins.