Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 21 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

Play аудио


1. What did Li Tong decide to do yesterday?
2. When did he make the decision?
3. Where was he working at that moment7
4. Did he see a young man or an old man at 11:00?
5. Was the young man Chinese or American?
6. Was the young man with two men or with three?
7. Were the men tall or short?
8. What did Li see that the two men were wearing?
9. Did they appear to be Japanese?
10. What nationality did they appear to be?
11. What language was the young man speaking?
12. What process was he explaining to the two men’7
13. What kind of questions did the young man ask Li?
14. What did Li tell him that he was responsible for?
15. Did the young employee translate what Li said?
16. What did the two foreigners do concerning Li’s work?
17. Did they say something to Li?
18. What language did they speak to him in?
19. Did Li answer them in English or in Chinese?
20. What did Li think they said to him?
21. What did he say to them?
22. What did the three men do after saying “thank you”?
23. Did Li take a break or go back to his work?
24. Which of the three people did he think about?
25. What Was he sure about concerning the young man?
26. What did Li know about the company?
27. Where were some ex factory workers working now?
28. Were they earning more or less than Li?
29. What did Li decide to do at that moment?
30. What didn’t he know about taking English classes?
31. Who did he decide to ask?
32. What department did his friend work in?
33. What did Li know about his friend?
34. Where was the language school?

Yesterday, Li Tong decided to learn English. He made the decision at exactly 11:15 in the morning. He was working in the telephone factory, as every day. At about 11:00, Li saw one of the young employees from the process engineering department with two tall men who appeared to be English or American. They were wearing ties. The young employee was talking to them in English and explaining the production process. At one moment, the young employee asked Li a few questions about his job. Li explained that he was responsible for inserting the microphone in the telephone receiver. Then the young employee said two or three sentences to the foreign men and they looked at the work that Li was doing. They smiled at Li and said something in English. He supposed they said ’’thank you” and he said “thank you” in Chinese. Then the three people left and continued walking around the factory. Li went back to his work, but he was thinking about the young Chinese employee. Li was sure that the young man probably earned a lot more money than him. He knew that the company was growing very fast Some of the workers in the factory were now in office jobs and were earning more money than Li. At that moment, he made the decision to learn English. He didn’t know how much it cost to take classes, but he decided to ask one of his friends who was working in the same department as the young man. He knew that his friend was going to a language school less than 500 meters from where Li lived.