Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 41 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

Play аудио


1. What has Nigel Perkins achieved?
2. What has his company just presented?
3. What did the insurance company ask Nigel to do?
4. When did they ask him to investigate the case?
5. How old was the man who died?
6. How old was his wife?
7. What did she use to do for a living?
8. How did the man die?
9. How much money did his wife receive from the insurance company?
10. What had been Nigel’s relationship with the man who had died?
11. What was Nigel’s role in the investigation?
12. What did the wife know about her husband’s health?
13. How many pharmacies did she visit?
14. Over what period of time did she visit the pharmacies?
15. What did the drug she bought do to her husband’s blood circulation?
16. What was the medicine for?
17. What was the first thing Nigel’s company discovered?
18. Did the woman live in a house or a flat?
19. What did Nigel’s firm do in her block of flats?
20. Where was the garbage located in the building?
21. How much garbage did the company search through?
22. What did they finally find?
23. How long did it take them to find the prescription?
24. Whose name was on the prescription?
25. Who did they contact before visiting the pharmacies?
26. How many pharmacies did they visit?
27. Which pharmacies did they visit?
28. How many pharmacies recognized the woman in a picture?
29. What did Nigel’s firm do after that?
30. Who did the police interrogate first?
31. Did she confess or did she deny everything?
32. Who did they interrogate next?
33. Did he confess or deny everything?
34. Where are the doctor and the woman now?
35. What are they awaiting?
36. How much of the money has been recovered?

Nigel Perkins has achieved another success. His company has just presented proof of a crime. Three months ago, a large insurance company asked Nigel’s firm to investigate the death of 62 year-old man. The man had died of a heart attack in strange circumstances. His wife, a 32 year-old ex model had received seven million dollars from the insurance company. The man who died had been a friend of Nigel’s and Nigel had personally supervised the investigation of the case. It turns out that the wife knew her husband suffered poor blood circulation. Over a period of five months, she went to nine different pharmacies to fill a prescription for hemophiliacs. The drug she bought made her husband’s blood circulation even worse and eventually he died. On the request of the insurance company, Nigel’s firm investigated the woman. First they discovered that she was having an affair with a doctor. Second, they went through at least one ton of garbage in the basement of the building where she lived. After 10 days, they found a prescription in the garbage for the medicine in question. They found the name of the same doctor on it and then contacted the distributors of the medicine. Finally, they visited 27 pharmacies in the general area where the woman lived. Employees in four different pharmacies recognized her in a photograph. At that point, Nigel1 s firm contacted the police. The woman was called in for interrogation but she denied everything. However, when the police contacted the doctor, he confessed to the crime. Now he and the ex model are in prison awaiting trial and six of the seven million dollars has been recovered.