Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 63 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

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1. How many years has Ronny Perkins grown in the last week?
2. What has come together to wake him up to reality?
3. When did the first event start?
4. Where did he meet Yvette?
5. What was she like?
6. How many women had Ronny met like Yvette?
7. Why hadn’t he met anyone like her?
8. Who was Yvette’s father?
9. What was she doing at the cocktail party?
10. What did Ronny do after die cocktail party?
11. How many weeks did they go out together?
12. How old was Yvette?
13. What did Ronny try to impress her with?
14. Why wasn’t Yvette impressed?
15. What did she instantly realize about Ronny?
16. How long ago did she finally get fed up with him?
17. What did she call him?
18. How’ many times have they’ spoken since then?
19. Why haven’t they spoken?
20. How much later did Ronny have his second surprise?
21. Who showed up at his apartment?
22. What did he inform Ronny about?
23. What did he tell him about Nigel?
24. How did Ronny react to this news?
25. What did Paul Schwartz tell Ronny about his business decisions?
26. What decision had been made after Nigel spoke to the Monaco banker?
27. After hearing everything Paul Schwartz had to say, what did Ronny realize about himself?
28. Who did he feel he should thank?
29. When did Ronny receive a phone call from Carlo Turqui?
30. Who is Carlo Turqui?
31. When did Ronny receive the call from Carlo?
32. What did Carlo say to Ronny on the phone?
33. Who else was in Ronny’s apartment when he received the call from Carlo?
34. After speaking to Carlo, what did Ronny tell Paul that he needed to do?
35. Did Paul stay in the apartment or go down with Ronny?
36. What did Paul notice on Ronny is face?
37. Where were they when Paul noticed the look on Ronny s face?
38. What did Paul think when he noticed a look on Ronny’s face that reminded him of Nigel Perkins?

Ronny Perkins has grown 10 years in one week. Three events have come together to wake him up to reality. The first event started about four weeks ago. Ronny met a French girl by the name of Yvette. She was beautiful, sweet, and intelligent, three ingredients that he had never experienced in a woman. He had always been so busy trying to impress the jet set in Monte Carlo that he had never slowed down to meet and get to know real people. He met Yvette at a cocktail party given by the French Yachting Club in Monaco. She was the daughter of the club’s president and, at the party, she was serving drinks with the rest of the hired personnel. At the end of the evening, Ronny invited her to have a late dinner and they spent the next three weeks going out together. Yvette was 25 years old. Throughout the three weeks, Ronny tried to impress her with his fluent French, his yachts, and his sporty Jaguar. However, as the daughter of a yacht owner, Yvette had seen everything and she instantly realized that Ronny was a showoff. Four nights ago, she finally got fed up and told him that he was pretentious, lazy, and empty. Since then, she hasn’t answered any of his calls. The very next day, Ronny had another surprise. Paul Schwartz showed up at Ronny’s apartment and informed him that he was now the operations manager of a new company called A.M. Y., Limited. Then he told him the whole story about Nigel’s decision to buy out the Turqui family. Ronny was speechless. Finally, Paul Schwartz told him that his business decisions had been so unwise and dangerous that a banker in Monaco had warned Nigel. As a result, a decision had been made to rescue the boy from the hands of a dangerous family with ties to the Mafia. In the end, Ronny realized that he had been stupid and that he should thank his father for saving him in time. The third and final event that woke Ronny up to reality was a telephone call he received yesterday from Carlo Turqui, Giuseppe’s son. He said he had never met a bigger idiot than Ronny Perkins and that his family had earned a two-million dollar profit thanks to Ronny’s incompetence. Paul Schwartz was in Ronny’s apartment when Carlo called. When Ronny hung up, he turned to Paul and told him that he needed to go down to a flower shop next to his apartment building and send a bouquet of flowers to a girl he had met a few weeks earlier. Paul decided to go down with him. As they went down the elevator, Paul noticed a look on Ronny’s face that reminded him a lot of his boss, Nigel Perkins. Could it be that the boy was finally starting to take after his father?