Тренируем аудирование по английскому, урок 65 (курс 1)

Прослушайте аудио, в котором в естественном темпе прозвучит текст, озвученный два раза разными носителями языка. Постарайтесь детально понять высказывание и ответить на нижеследующие вопросы.

Play аудио


1. How does Phillip Johnson feel?
2. What is Nancy’s status concerning Robert Redford’s house in Colorado?
3. What is she doing now in Lincoln?
4. What decision did Phillip and Nancy make?
5. When did they make the decision?
6. What had they been debating over the past five years?
7. What has helped them make the decision to build the house of their dreams?
8. Why does Nancy want to make some changes in the decoration plan of the house?
9. When did she and her husband draw up the original decoration plans?
10. What had Nancy’s eight months in Colorado had a positive influence on?
11. How does she feel now regarding her life in Lincoln?
12. How did she like her work in Colorado?
13. What kind of memories will she have of that period of her life?
14. Who is she especially glad to be back with?
15. What has happened to Denise in the last few months?
16. What is she turning into?
17. What does the ballet teacher think about Denise?
18. What basketball team is Michael the star of?
19. What team had his coach originally tried him out on?
20. What did the coach finally opt to do?
21. What is the coach certain about concerning Michael?
22. What does the coach think the boy still needs?
23. What’s Phillip’s new position in the bank?
24. What is he a member of?
25. Who does he hope to influence on the Board?
26. Why does he want to influence the older members?

Phillip Johnson is relieved. His wife, Nancy, finished her work on Robert Redford’s house two weeks ago and now she’s back in her daily routine in Lincoln. Last night they made the decision to build the house of their dreams. For more than five years they had been debating whether to stay in their current house until the kids went off to college or to hire a construction firm to build the house that they had designed together when the kids were still little. Now they have 250,000 dollars more in their bank account thanks to Nancy’s work with Robert Redford. Nancy has a lot of new ideas on decorating the new house. Her eight months in Aspen, Colorado, working on Robert Redford’s house, had changed her views on a few things concerning decoration, and she wanted to make a few changes in the original decoration plan she had drawn up with her husband several years ago. Her eight months in Aspen had also had, in her opinion, a positive impact on her marriage* She seems more satisfied with her life now in Lincoln and with Phillip and the kids. She thoroughly enjoyed her work in Colorado and will have fond memories of that period for the rest of her life. She’s especially glad to be back with her kids. Denise has grown in the last few months and she’s turning into a tail, young gazelle. The ballet teacher thinks she has the potential to become an excellent dancer. Michael is the star of the junior basketball team at his high school. His coach originally tried him out on the senior team but opted to give him a leadership role on the junior team for this season. He’s certain that Michael will become one of the best high school basketball players in the nation, but the boy still needs some time to develop properly. Phillip is now the Chief Executive Officer of the Lincoln Bank as well as the General Manager. That means that he’s not only the boss to all the bank employees, but a member of the Board of Directors. He hopes to be able to influence the older members of the Board to make some changes that he feels are necessary.